That flower was gagging for it, says bee

A BEE has described giving a good-looking purple flower the pollinating of its life.

Seconds later, he was gone

It was almost spiritual

Bumble bee Tom Logan didn’t even know the flower’s Latin name.

He said: “As soon as I flew into the garden I spotted this nice long-stemmed purple flower, just begging me to land on it.

“And God knows I’m not the sort of bee to turn down a taste of sweet nectar.”

Logan continued: “No sooner had I touched down than we were pollinating.

“My proboscis was desperately Hoovering up the flower’s sticky nectar.

“Meanwhile the pollen from other plants that had stuck to my legs rubbed off onto the plant’s eager stigma, completing the cross-pollination process. Oh yeah.

“Not meaning to boast, but you could tell the flower was loving it. There was nectar everywhere.

“Afterwards I was too exhausted to fly off, I lay there on the flower and we swayed together in the breeze.

“A starling or cat could have come and picked me off then, I wouldn’t even have cared.

“There have been other flowers since but that one just stays in my mind.”