Woman launches campaign to ban microbeads after she’s finished her shower gel


A WOMAN has launched a campaign to ban microbeads as soon as she has finished a particularly expensive bottle of shower gel. 

Carolyn Ryan of Congleton came up with the ‘Ban Microbeads in 12-18 Weeks’ campaign after seeing Greenpeace’s ‘Ban Microbeads’ campaign and realising she would be personally affected.

She said: “I absolutely agree that microbeads are being washed down the drain and ending up adversely affecting the marine ecosystem. But what they perhaps have not considered is the human cost of the ban, for example if someone who got an Elemis gift set for Christmas still has half the body scrub left.

“All I’m asking is for a grace period of three to four months to finish this bottle, after which I’ll be behind Greenpeace 100 per cent.

“Otherwise I’ll have to pour it down the sink.”