Woman lies about leaving ‘bag for life’ in car again

A WOMAN who has never re-used a carrier bag in her entire life has once again told the cashier she must have left them in the car.

Emma Bradford of Warrington then went on to buy five plastic bags at 10p each which, she admitted, would be going in the kitchen bin when she got home and from there straight to landfill.

She said: “I know we’re all meant to be environmental these days, but I can’t be arsed.

“I see all these people with their car boot full of all these bags made of hemp or whatever, schlepping them back and forth, and I think ‘why do you bother?’

“Technically I’m paying between 20p and 80p every time I shop and that’s all going to the tuna-friendly dophins, so I’m actually greener than all the rest of them anyway.

“Some people still smoke. Some people have those massive four-wheel drive cars. I’m not on board with the whole bag for life revolution. It’s just who I am.”

She added: “Oh no, sorry, I’ve left my bag for life in the car again! I’ll have to buy one.”