Woman makes three-course meal from crumbs found in bra

A WOMAN has managed to create a lavish dinner comprised entirely of the food remnants collected in her bra during the day.

Emma Bradford said: “You know what it’s like, you come in after a long day at work and the cupboards are bare, so you have a rustle around in your bra to see what you can whip up from whatever you dropped down yourself in the day.

“Fortunately, it was an excellent haul. I’d had a pack of Mini Cheddars, so I reassembled some of the crumbs and combined them with a drop of congealed tomato soup to make a sort of bruschetta appetiser.

“For the main course, I stuffed a black olive I found into a bit of penne that might actually be from yesterday and sprinkled on what I hope were herbs.

“I don’t usually have dessert, but I was feeling a bit indulgent, so I put together a little something from the bits of popcorn that fell in when I went to the cinema. I stuck them on a bit of leftover Philadelphia and made what I call my ‘silver screen cheesecake.’

“Nigella does this all the time.”

Bradford’s boyfriend, Tom Booker, said: “I don’t care how close to her breasts it’s been, I’m not eating that.”