Thursday, 29th October 2020

Guests unaware that crisp bowl is also sick bowl

DINNER party guests have been kept unaware the bowl they have been served Kettle Chips from was last week used as a child vomit receptacle.

The large dish from Next is the perfect size and shape for serving salad, snacks or simply catching the projectile puke of a toddler.

Mother-of-two Emma Bradford said: “It wasn’t originally a sick bowl. It was pressed into service suddenly one evening, but now they ask for it. It comforts them.

“On other occasions I’ve used Tupperware, saucepans, the Lego box, a junior fireman’s helmet and my cupped hands, but it’s the salad serving dish that’s been enduringly popular.

“It’s wide, shallow, light and can just as easily contain gourmet crisps, a Caesar salad or regurgitated carrots laced with bile. It’s a wedding gift that really paid off.

“I don’t tell guests, though. Why should I? It’s been through the dishwasher. It’s fine.”

Bradford admitted that she also omits to mention that the spot on the sofa where her sister-in-law sits is where little George suffered his massive liquid shit explosion.