Friday, 4th December 2020

Man deeply moved by sight of dropped kebab

A MAN experienced a profound rush of emotion after being confronted with the sight of a dropped doner kebab.

Nathan Muir was on his way to work when he came across the popular Turkish delicacy carelessly scattered all over the pavement.

A visibly distressed Muir said: “I don’t know who dropped it or where it came from. But needless to say I was deeply troubled and touched by what I saw.

“The pool of garlic sauce, the lettuce strewn savagely around, a squashed and lonely chip. The image of that poor meal abandoned on the street will stay with me forever.

“I keep wondering what the story is behind such a devastating scene. Maybe the owner was taking it home to their beloved partner and received a life-changing text, causing them to drop the kebab and run like the wind in the other direction.

“Or maybe they were just plastered after a night out and fell in the gutter.”