Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

Middle class parents horribly smug about their kid liking olives

A MIDDLE class mum and dad are nauseatingly proud of the fact that their two-year-old likes the taste of olives.

Nathan and Sally Muir were beside themselves with joy when their toddler Oscar cheerfully ate a handful of Waitrose Finest.

Sally said: “It was such a proud mummy moment! He was munching on those pimento-stuffed Kalamatas the way lesser children eat Haribo.

“I don’t know any other child who would willingly eat an olive but I think it’s because Oscar is very advanced for his age. His first words were ‘wood burning stove’, bless him.

“And it’s not just olives. I am certain he only watches Octonauts because the squid look so delicious.”

Proud father Nathan said: “I think we can safely say a place at Oxbridge is in the bag.”