Saturday, 8th May 2021

Ready meals not ready enough, single man complains

A SINGLE man has complained that so-called ‘ready meals’ still require a minimal effort to prepare. 

Nathan Muir of Northampton exists largely on ready meals, but believes they are never anywhere near as ready as they like to claim.

He said: “I work hard. Then I get home and I videogame pretty hard, too. Is it too much to ask just to open my fridge and have a steaming hot lamb madras waiting on a plate for me?

“Instead it’s peel back the film on one, pierce the film on the other with a fork, place in the microwave for 90 seconds blah blah blah. Call that ready? I don’t.

“There’s none of this nonsense with beer. Pop it open and it’s ready to drink, no messing about. Asda should be taking a leaf from Heineken’s book.

“I don’t mind peeling back the film as long as the meal’s completely prepared by doing that. But when they’re putting in all these extra steps I’m practically cooking it myself.

“It’s no wonder I have takeaways four nights a week. It’s because these supermarkets are lazy.”