Saturday, 4th April 2020

Scotsman who visited London still laughing about 'hummus'

A SCOTTISH man who saw the product ‘hummus’ in a London supermarket still cannot believe it is real.

William McKay of Stirling spotted the unbelievable item in a Tesco Metro when visiting the capital for a training course, and has been chuckling drily to himself ever since.

McKay said: “‘Hummus’. Honestly, you cannot believe it. I was pissing myself laughing when I got on the train home all the way up to Berwick-on-Tweed.

“What are you supposed to do with that stuff? Is it like gravy? I wish I’d bought a pot to show around, but I don’t suppose they’d have sold it me once they heard the accent.

“Is it soup? Do you spread it on bread? Do you eat it drunk? How do the crazy bastards come up with this stuff?”

McKay added: “Eat some? No, I wouldn’t do that.”