The Daily Mail reader's guide to donating to food banks

DO food banks only encourage a dependency culture, but you’re compelled to support them by peer pressure? Daily Mail reader Donna Sheridan explains how to donate grudgingly.

Never donate anything nice

Give them salmon or Green & Black’s chocolate and you’re essentially congratulating them for choosing their scrounging parasite lifestyle. Stick to instructive foodstuffs such as dried lentils, Smash and bottled water (not sparkling).

Make them work for it

Sliced loaves are for busy people, not the idle. Flour and a 30p packet of yeast means they’ve got all they need to labour for hours baking their own loaves, teaching them what work is and prepare them for the job market.

Write to your MP

Not to state your outrage at the economic conditions that force people to use food banks, but to make them harder to access. Propose a Food Bank Agreement, whereby layabout families get free rice pudding on condition of being sterilised there and then.

Donate food that disgusts you

These products will teach them a lesson: tinned turkey, super-cheap hot dogs in a jar, or cod roe that resembles something out of a cyst. It’s a shame Sainsbury’s doesn’t do pickled rats’ heads.

It’s not just food

Food banks also need things like laundry fluid and toilet paper. Don’t donate these, and definitely not tampons. It’s too much like feminism.

Remember Christmas is on the way

So include some treats! I’ve donated a tin of all-day breakfast, which will make a sumptuous Christmas dinner for a poor family. Give the kiddies something they don’t have like aspirations or a sense of responsibility, which I’ve represented with a Top Gear annual.

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Strictly round five, and other results Trump's legal team could overturn

DONALD Trump’s team of sub-Mafia lawyers is trying to overturn the election. Not going to happen. They should focus on these low-hanging fruits instead: 

Your child’s A-levels

When exams were cancelled your beloved but misunderstood child only got Cs, not the A-grades you believe they’d have fluked. Trump’s team will prove all the other kids cheated because Republican observers had no access to their teachers when they were guessing grades.

Round five of Strictly Come Dancing

HRVY wins the public vote for his paso doble but is relegated to the dance-off when the judges’ scores are added. This definitely violates article 55 of the US Constitution, giving grounds for litigation. If the BBC won’t act form a militia.

Boaty McBoatface

Although a clear demonstration of why voting produces f**kwits like Trump, the name Boaty McBoatface was chosen fair and square. The liberal elite stole the vote when they named the ship after David Attenborough instead. Clear-cut fraud.

Andy Abraham coming last in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008

Team Trump would love to get their legal teeth into this geopolitical can of worms. With undemocratic forces at play, like the Baltics all voting for each other or France threatening tiny Andorra with invasion if they don’t award them douze points, Rudy could go xenophobic fake law apeshit.

Biggest cauliflower in show at Hadnall village fete

You’ve hauled your humongous vegetable to a marquee on a sports field but it doesn’t win first prize. Once Giuliani can aggressively grill the vicar’s wife about her left-wing bias and your rival’s bribe of home-made elderflower wine, that winner’s rosette is yours.