Tony the Tiger finally wins 50-year battle against Ricicles

TONY the Tiger has roared in triumph after finally defeating rival sugar-frosted cereal Ricicles after more than 50 years. 

The Frosties mascot first swore a vendetta against Ricicles in the 1960s and, five decades later, has seen them removed from sale.

Tony said: “They were never worthy to share a shelf with the king of cereals. Let alone a Variety Pack.

“But, never popular, they clung to life for far longer than anyone could have thought possible. Always my inferior, trying desperate fads like marshmallows, never loved but still somehow there.

“I vanquished mascot after mascot. Noddy, originally. My own ‘brother’ Tony Jr, in the 1980s, twisted lie that he was. And finally Captain Rik the astronaut, last to feel the kiss of my claws.

“Now, Ricicles are no more. They will not be missed. No social media campaign will be launched to bring them back. Even the stoned will not mourn them.

“What now? Coco the Monkey, and his jungle army? Perhaps. Predators such as I do not rest. They only kill.”