Sunday, 8th December 2019

Woman realises her 'posh' friends are just normal people who like olives

A WOMAN has been under the delusion she was friends with an upper middle-class couple only to discover they just like eating olives.

Emma Bradford, 26, said: “Someone at work asked me if I knew any really posh people and I said, 'Yes, my good friends Mary and Martin are incredibly sophisticated and well-bred'.

“But when I told my workmate all about them he said they sounded like perfectly normal people who just enjoyed eating olives from a bowl.

“Even when it wasn't a social function or anything.”

She added: “I did wonder why they read OK! and recorded every episode of Cash in the Attic. But - because of the olives - I assumed it was some sort posh in-joke.

"I don't like them anymore."