Wednesday, 19th February 2020

'Popping round' to be made a criminal offence

THE act of ‘popping round’ unannounced to someone’s house is to be reclassified as a crime with the possibility of a custodial sentence.

The government has finally vowed to clamp down on the antisocial practice that has terrorised the British population for generations.

A spokesperson said: “These acts are often dressed up with spurious justifications: dropping something off, collecting a book, or even just wondering if the person fancied a cup of tea.

“However there is no excuse for not messaging first, and certainly not for just showing up if that message is ignored. It’s a clear act of aggression.

“People should call 999 immediately and the police will remove your friend, with force if necessary. Repeat offenders could then face up to 15 years in prison.”

Emma Bradford, 34, was a recent victim of popping round, losing two-and-a-half hours to an old school friend who was “just passing”.  

She said: “I had no option but to let her in, make coffee and hear about her bl**dy kids for hours, when I’d been planning to drink wine on the sofa and watch Friends all afternoon. I felt violated.”

The government has also issued advice on how to prevent popping round, including putting your coat on and pretending you’re going out and hiding behind the furniture.