Women more likely to reach orgasm after buying Tupperware

A NEW study has revealed that women are more likely to reach a sexual climax after buying shitloads of plastic tubs.

Researchers found that romantic acts and foreplay were less likely to lead to women having orgasms than a good rummage in the food storage, flasks and bottles aisle at Asda.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “It’s hard to explain. It could be to do with women’s domestic evolutionary role, but The Flintstones may not be 100 percent historically accurate.

“Or it’s possible that Tupperware is strong, rugged and dependable, unlike most men, which is sexually attractive in itself. It’s a kind of Clint Eastwood you can store cold baked beans in.”

Woman Nikki Hollis said: “The last time I properly got off I’d just bought this tub with a blade it in it that can chop onions.

“I can just add a tomato and an egg to that and I’ve got a salad. That kind of practical food storage solution gets me bubbling like a garden water feature.

“A good set of abs on a man is sexy, but they don’t do it for me like a six-pack of stacking boxes tightly pressed together.”