Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Can your common sense defeat COVID-19? Take our quiz

GOOD old British common sense, of the kind that’s been so prevalent in the last few years, will beat coronavirus. But have you got the gumption? 

You travel on public transport for work, but most passengers aren’t wearing masks. What do you do?

A) Get a bike or electric scooter and commute on that instead, to minimise risk
B) Tut

The chain restaurant you work at opens on Saturday, but your employers have provided no PPE. What do you do?

A) Get together with other staff and refuse to work until they sort it out
B) Explain to customers that you haven’t got any PPE, perform a what-can-you-do shrug then tell them about the two-for-one offers

You head for a day at the beach, but when you arrive there are already thousands there. What do you do? 

A) Turn around and go home. It’s disappointing but not worth the risk
B) Alright it’s busy, but why should you have to be the one who misses out? Set up your towel and glare at everyone

You have COVID-19 symptoms. What do you do?

A) Socially isolate for 14 days, call the test-and-trace line with full details of your movements, and stay in bed until you recover
B) Go into work as usual. Boris says the British high street needs bustle


Mostly As: You have ignored common sense and are being hysterical. Buckle up and stop being silly.

Mostly Bs: Congratulations on your common sense. You have defeated the virus. Your commemorative certificate is in the post.