Couple who spent their 20s guzzling ecstasy ban toxic cleaning products from home

A COUPLE who would take anything going for at least a decade now refuse to have any ‘harmful’ chemicals in their house.

Tom and Jo Logan, who used to gurn their way through every weekend, have now made their home a toxin-free environment to minimise their exposure to ‘damaging free radicals’.

Jo said: “Chemicals are everywhere. Even toilet paper has phthalates in which disrupt endochrine production, so why risk it?

“You’re putting unknown and potentially hazardous substances into your system, and for what?

Tom agreed: “We have both noticed an improvement in our skin and in our general sense of wellbeing, and nowadays we wake up feeling fresh and relaxed. That’s a big difference.

“I think it would shock people to know how dangerous a lot of so-called ‘acceptable’ household products are. It sickens me to think of them being used to cut our coke.”

Friend Joanna Kramer said: “The flat used to be a haze of weed, but now they clean everything with baking soda and vinegar and it smells like a chip shop.

“Chemicals do fuck you up. They are living proof.”