‘Definitely going for a run tomorrow’ enters fifth year

A MAN who has been promising to “go for a run tomorrow” for five years definitely means it this time.

Tom Logan, who has had the ‘Couch to 5k’ app on his phone since 2013, made the announcement to his family last night for the 1,462nd consecutive evening.

Wife Sarah said: “Over time the ritual has become more elaborate. He does some lunging exercises and puts his expensive trainers by the door as if they might do his jog for him.

“When it’s time for his run he finds some pathetic excuse to not actually go. Tonight it was ‘checking some work emails’, but he has been known to say he’s worried the cat is looking a bit peaky.

“I think this could go on forever. I can imagine us in an old folks’ home with Tom still carefully planning the route of his run as he hobbles about on a Zimmer frame.”

Tom Logan said: “I’m definitely going tomorrow. Although I have got a slight pain in my foot. I don’t want to give myself a long-term injury with all this vigorous exercise.”