First chip eaten while still insanely hot

THE first sizzling hot chip on a plate has been eaten within seconds of arriving at the table, ruining the rest of the meal. 

Nathan Muir simply could not wait to eat the chip, which only moments before was enjoying its second fry at 160 degrees, and consequently suffered burns to his lips and tongue.

He said: “Ow. The chips are hot. Ow.

“Delicious, really delicious, but a bit too hot. I’ll try another one. No, still too hot. Ow.

“I’ll put a bit of mayo on, that’s better. But it seems I can’t really taste anything now, and just when my burger that’s too big to comfortably eat is arriving.”

He added: “Damn you, chips. You have made a fool of me yet again. And we both know it won’t be the last time.”