Friday, 14th May 2021

Horrified woman forgets to tell social media she's had her Covid jab

A WOMAN who has just joined 25 million Britons in having her Covid vaccine is mortified she forgot to share her special news on social media.

Emma Bradford is distraught after her error, despite half the population also having their jab and no one she knows actually giving a shit anyway.

Bradford said: “I’m so ashamed of myself. I’ve got nearly 110 Facebook friends and 36 Instagram followers. With such a huge fanbase it’s my duty to keep them informed, whether they are interested or not.

“I also wanted everyone to know how brave I was as I’m petrified of needles. I’ve had injections in the past and didn’t mention it then, but I am genuinely needle-phobic now.

“I know I’ve let everyone down, but I’m sorry and please pay attention to my posts about my second jab, even if you’re totally bored and jaded with it all by then.”

Bradford has marked her next appointment on her kitchen calendar with a big red marker pen to prevent further lapses, something her many fans will be relieved to know.

She added: “I can only apologise to all my followers and hope not too many of them drift away and stop seeing my hysterical daily memes and inspirational life quotes which I pinch from other people.”