Sunday, 9th May 2021

'I don't know them! I promise, I'm a stranger!' says man dragged away from group of six by Covid marshalls

A MAN dragged away from a group of six people by armed Covid marshalls is desperately pleading that he does not know them. 

The marshalls, masked and dressed in black leather and carrying submachine guns, observed the man exchanging words with the group on a crowded bus and immediately arrested him.

Onlooker Nathan Muir said: “He was panicking, trying to prove he didn’t know them, that there was no risk of coronavirus transmission because he was a total stranger.

“But the longer they interrogated him, the less convincing he seemed. It’s very hard to prove you don’t know somebody, after all. They just snarled at him that he was lying.

“Their black van arrived and he was thrown in the back with all the others they’d caught in the morning’s roadblocks and spot-checks. There must have been 50 people in there but it’s alright, none of them were acquainted.

“Then they shouted through a megaphone to everyone watching ‘You’d better be strangers or in an office because you’ve seen what happens to rulebreakers,’ before driving away.

“Still it’s all for our own good and isn’t Boris a funny laugh.”