Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Woman tragically unaware she's being judged

A WOMAN on the receiving end of a barbed, underhand comment has remained tragically unaware that she is being judged.

Lucy Parry blithely responded with smiles and thanks when colleague Lauren Hewitt, said ‘Wow, look at your hair! Did you ask for it to be like that?’

Hewitt said: “Obviously, I was being rude. And it should have been devastating. Any woman with a normal level of insecurity would have understood that immediately.

“But somehow, Lucy thought I was being genuine to the extent that she talked me through her haircut and I had to smile and nod along. Which was insulting to me.

“Just because the words I chose were complimentary doesn’t mean I was paying her an actual compliment. Sometimes she seriously makes me consider being direct.”

Parry said: “Lauren’s so lovely. She’s always saying nice things about my weight or praising me for my ‘brave’ white jeans. I suppose it’s because she’s so dowdy and thick-set.”