Jeremy Hunt urges everyone to do something really risky today

THE health secretary has urged Britain to climb ladders, operate power tools and cross roads without looking for the next two days.

Jeremy Hunt wants everyone indulge their reckless side, such as drinking lots of alcohol before operating heavy machinery.

He added: “Aren’t we all sick of not touching a circular saw just to see what it feels like? I know that when I and my friends used to play chicken in front of Inter-City 125 trains it made us all feel so alive. Apart from Peter. Poor Peter.

“For the next two days, forget the namby-pamby nanny state. I want to see fingers in plug sockets, roller-skates at the top of stairs, and when you see the building you’ve always thought you could scale, go for it.

“Don’t be afraid of dying. That would actually help me quite a lot.”