Thursday, 13th May 2021

Man who doesn't want vaccine also doesn't want his dose given to immigrants

A MAN who says he will not be forced into being vaccinated is furious that his spare dose might be given to someone in a migrant centre.

Norman Steele, 62, has made a massive drama about not wanting the vaccine, and an even bigger fuss after discovering that the government was offering it to undocumented migrants.

Steele said: “I won’t be told what to do by anyone, especially not being injected with something my mate Barry on Facebook says is dodgy.

“But that doesn’t mean my dose can be given to an illegal immigrant. If I’m not using it I want it to be poured down the sink, preferably while I watch.”

Steele’s weary wife Susan said: “Norman says the vaccine contains a microchip that Bill Gates will use to track him, even though he only ever goes to Morrisons and back.

“This being the case, you’d think he’d be all for illegal immigrants being easy to find and ‘sent back to where they came from’ as he keeps saying.

“But then a lot of what Norman says is total bollocks. I just ignore him.”