Man who has taken up boxing getting punched a lot

A MAN who has taken up boxing so he can tell people he is a boxer admitted he is basically paying money to get punched in the face.

Marketing manager Tom Booker began sparring six months ago in the hope that he would become impressively tough, but instead is spending all his time with men much larger and tougher and not afraid to prove it.

He said: “I actually took up the sweet science for its meditative qualities. There’s a peace you feel in the ring you can’t find anywhere else. Apparently.

“Am I hard now? I wouldn’t like to say. Probably. People stare at me a lot more in meetings now and I don’t believe it’s just because my nose has moved.

“There are no downsides, apart from perhaps handing over good money to be punched in the face and body repeatedly, with malice.”

Booker added: “I’ve talked myself into a nightmare from which I can’t escape. What would you think of me if I got into ping pong?”