Friday, 7th May 2021

Man's workout basically unpacking weights and putting them in spare room

A MAN is planning to get ripped by taking some weights out of the box they came in and putting them in the spare room. 

Nathan Muir bought the set of premium dumbbells from Amazon three months ago and since then has begun an intensive routine of putting them in a corner to gather dust.   

He said: “I started by opening the boxes in the hallway and leaving them there for two weeks. 

“Then I carried the weights up the stairs to the spare room one by one, exercising both my upper and lower body. A week later I screwed them together, which was another great workout.

“Now every month or so I go and move them to a different part of the spare room. If we have a guest staying, I slide them under the bed, or if my girlfriend wants to do some yoga I move them to the side.  

“Moving those weights a couple of metres occasionally can be pretty intense. I know it’s only been a few months but I can already feel the difference.

“Sometimes I just go and look at them and think about doing a workout. It’s all part of the process of getting an incredible six-pack.”