Friday, 4th December 2020

Middle-aged man with hefty boobs still calling them 'pecs'

A MIDDLE aged man still believes his manboobs are just well-developed pectoral muscles.

Julian Cook, frequently admires his naked upper body in the mirror having convinced himself his engorged chest is not just a big pair of blubbery tits.

He said: “I guess I’m just lucky to be naturally blessed with this physique. I do feel sorry for other guys that have to work hard at the gym to get this.”

Cook, who is called ‘Funbags’ behind his back, has managed to dupe himself so thoroughly that he expresses bemusement at how he became such a chiselled Adonis - despite really looking more like a sad blancmange.

Wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off the outline of his ample bosom, he added: “I didn’t used to be this buff, I don’t know how it happened. If anything I’m exercising less and eating more, if you can believe it.”

Personal trainer Norman Steele said: “Those are knockers. Big ones.”