Seatbelts and traffic lights to be 'personal responsibility' from next week

THE government will lift all obligations to observe red lights or wear seat belts as of Monday, no matter the consequences. 

Motorists have been urged to exercise ‘common sense’ when approaching red lights at busy junctions and only to run through them if they consider it ‘prudent’.

Rules on drink-driving have also been revised, with the offence deemed to be ‘a matter of personal conscience and discretion’.

Minister for transport Chris Heaton-Harris said: “Given the 300 per cent rise in road accidents since January, we feel it is all the more important that drivers use sound individual judgement in deciding when to use their new freedoms.

“Obviously, there are times to employ your native English judgment as to whether you really need to use a seat belt, for say, a short journey of 35 miles along unlit country roads.

“Similarly drink-drivers should be cautious. If they have imbibed seven pints they should ask themselves if they really feel they’re fit to be at the wheel of their Range Rover Evoque. If their answer is ‘Hell, yeah’ then they should proceed as long as they are absolutely confident.

“As for speed limits, again, this should be a matter of personal judgment. It would be wrong to impede those who need to proceed, on legitimate business, past a primary school at 8.34am at 62 miles per hour.

“Yes, lives might be lost but we have to balance that against the economy.”

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