This shit again

ALL this lockdown bullshit is happening again exactly like the f**king last time, Britain has wearily confirmed. 

The third national lockdown was once again announced too late for no reason when the damage is already done, and nobody believes it will be over in seven bloody weeks either.

Labourer Jordan Gardner said: “So, nine months down the line, we appear to be doing exactly the same f**king thing because we’ve learned nothing.

“I remember at the time why we did it. It was very clear to me. We did it so we wouldn’t be doing this. So how’s that worked out?

“F**king test and trace, f**king PPE, f**king Eat Out to f**king Help Out, the rule of bastard six, what was the point? A year of my life. Gone.”

Helen Archer of Colchester agreed: “Perhaps if we’d taken it seriously instead of prematurely declaring it over, ordering everyone back to work and bollocking about with Brexit, we could have avoided doing the exact same shit yet again?

“Ah well. Only another four or five lockdowns and I’m sure we’ll learn.”