Schools opened for that crucial infection-spreading few days

SCHOOLS in England are to remain open for a crucial few days to enable fast and efficient Covid transmission, the government has confirmed. 

Education secretary Gavin Williamson advised the public that if schools were not to reopen after the Christmas break there would be no way that pupils could catch the new strain of Covid and bring it home to their families.

He said: “Nobody needs to panic. It won’t be more than a few days, but that’s more than enough time to raise the R rate nationwide.

“Schools are closed in London because we’ve already overwhelmed the hospitals, but I couldn’t in all conscience deprive the rest of the country from these critical few days of exposure.

“By the end of the week the prime minister will be telling you that it breaks his liberty-loving heart to close schools right on schedule, but for now it’s business as usual for teachers, parents, pupils and Covid-19.

“We simply can’t risk quashing the spread of the virus when it might mean depriving children of up to four days’ education.

“It would be rank hypocrisy to call a national lockdown when the virus isn’t spread evenly throughout the entire nation. This should fix that.”