Monday, 8th March 2021

Travel rule exemption announced for middle-class families driving to National Trusts

MIDDLE class families visiting National Trust properties for their daily exercise are exempt from lockdown rules because it is deemed ‘essential travel’.

Since a clampdown on travel for exercise by the police, Britain’s middle classes have lived in fear that their vital trip to the land surrounding a country house could result in a fine.

Eleanor Johnson from Hampshire said: “I was starting to feel like we were being persecuted for valuing our nation’s great heritage of rich people building massive houses and hoarding land.

“A huge weight is off now I know I can bung the kids in the Volvo and head to some open, members-only space where it is guaranteed that we won’t bump into any ruffians or people on benefits.”

Lifetime member Martin Bishop commented: “Walking on land that requires a membership to access is a fundamental middle class right.

“I love fresh air, and nothing beats knowing that the government is accommodating my desire to drive twenty-five miles to breathe different, better air than the rest of the nation.”