Monday, 8th March 2021

Woman with pink hair disappointed to see other woman with pink hair

A FREE-THINKING woman making a bold statement with hair dye was gutted to see another woman with the same pink tint.

Lucy Parry visited the hairdresser for the radical colour makeover late last year, hoping to update her personal style, whilst also upsetting her mother and baffling her father over Christmas.

Parry said: “My pink hair is about expressing my playful personality as well as my desire to be a mermaid, so I’m struggling to understand how a unique expression of my innermost self is being copied by some bitch in the queue for Morrisons.”

Rival pink-haired shopper Grace Wood-Morris said: “For me, pink hair is a statement. It’s about saying ‘I have a lot of time to sit around obsessing about my hair and I’m not afraid for everyone to know that’.

“I could use my spare time to get radicalised by the far right online or to train as a life coach, so people should be grateful all I’ve done is ordered some dye and made myself look silly.”

Parry said: “I guess now I’ll have to get an unusual and highly undesirable tattoo to stand out instead. Perhaps on my neck.”