Woman condemned for failing to breastfeed despite not having children

A WOMAN had been publicly shamed for her choice not to breastfeed despite not actually being a mother. 

Although she has two fully-functioning mammaries, Emma Bradford has so far refused to put them to their natural use, provoking an online backlash.

Former colleague Nikki Hollis, posting on Facebook, said: “They have a biological function Emma, but I see you’ve been brainwashed by the patriarchy.

“I don’t care if your child is seven years old or isn’t even a twinkle in its father’s eye, yet. Breast is best.”

Complete stranger Carolyn Ryan responded: “Let’s give Emma the benefit of the doubt, there may be medical reasons she doesn’t breastfeed. Let’s wait for her to tell us her intimate medical history and then judge her.”

Bradford’s claim that she does not breastfeed because she is not lactating and has no infants only inflamed the situation, with general agreement that she was a selfish harpy.

Hollis concluded: “Not having children is selfish enough, but not breastfeeding those children? Shame on her.”