Saturday, 24th October 2020

Woman into apple cider vinegar now giving full medical consultations

A WOMAN who evangelises about apple cider vinegar on Facebook is suddenly more of a medical authority than your actual doctor.

Francesca Johnson started dabbling with natural health cures when she accidentally bought a jar of very expensive Manuka honey, and had to justify the cost by pretending there was some sort of science behind it.

Johnson said: “Products like apple cider vinegar are life-changing, and not just because your breath smells so bad you lose all your friends. It’s so powerful and versatile it’s good for your gut health but also for cleaning toilets too.

“I’m now something of an expert on ‘beneficial bacteria’, which means I’m qualified to give advice on everything from the consistency of your poo to coronavirus. Who needs an actual GP when you’ve got me giving consultations on Facebook?”

She added: “I hope to use my knowledge to take down the anti-vaxxers, who base their posts on flimsy evidence and hysteria, which I would absolutely never do.”