Woman quietly swaps ‘Veganuary’ for 8kg of cheddar

A WOMAN who would not shut up about going vegan for a month has gorged herself on cheddar like an animal.

Nikki Hollis signed up to Veganuary after a particularly heavy New Year’s Eve, but found her enthusiasm for healthy eating waned at the same speed as her evil hangover.

Hollis said: “It was fine for the first few days as I was carried on a wave of  smugness about the fact that I was both saving all the lovely little animals and ‘eating clean’, whatever the hell that means.

“But when I went back to work I realised that the only good parts of my day had been drinking a bucket of milky coffee in the morning and eating a massive brie and bacon sandwich at lunch time.

“My colleagues quickly lost interest in the incredible sacrifice I was making and started rolling Maltesers across my desk just to take the piss.”

Hollis added: “In the end I cracked and bought the biggest slab of Cathedral City I could find and devoured the whole thing at once in the Tesco car park. I am happy now.”