Woman’s headache caused by every single aspect of her life

A WOMAN’S headaches are caused by her job, commute, family life, relationship with her partner and hobbies, she has found. 

Joanna Kramer, a marketing data analyst, said: “The doctor recommended I cut down the amount of time I spend looking at screens, which is all of my job and 90 per cent of my leisure time.

“She also said to reduce stress, which is most of my job, the 10 hours I spend commuting every week, and every moment of being a parent to a three-year-old.

“Also I should deal with any emotional pressure points, like raising a child with a man I frankly don’t like anymore, and I should stop drinking alcohol which is how I cope with all of the above.

“So life with a headache. I guess that’s what’s going on.”

Dr Emma Bradford, Kramer’s GP, said: “I could have prescribed some pills, but it wouldn’t have dealt with her underlying lifestyle problems.

“God, I love being superior.”