Yoga mat enters fifth year behind sofa

A YOGA mat has celebrated its fifth anniversary of being bought then stuck immediately behind the sofa. 

Donna Sheridan of Shrewsbury bought the mat in 2012 after reading that yoga calms the mind and connects you to thousands of years of spiritual tradition while also targeting bikini trouble zones.

She said: “I liked the sound of becoming centred and hot, and the mat was on offer on Amazon so it seemed as if it was meant to be.

“But then my trip to Tenerife came round so fast I hadn’t had time to start my new regime, and actually I was too off my face on cocktails to care how my arse looked anyway.

“For the first year I felt guilty, but the more time goes by, the more inner peace I feel about not using it. I don’t need to be a slave to my material possessions. In a way, not doing yoga has been quite yogic.”

Sheridan added: “But I’m not getting rid of it. You never know, I might still start doing yoga.”