EU ‘sending fog to airports’

FOGGY airports are the EU’s latest plan to hinder Brexit, it has been claimed.

Leave voters insist that the bad weather disrupting flights was sent by Brussels as punishment for Britain seceding from the European superstate.

Fellow Brexit supporter Donna Sheridan said: “The EU has a load of wind farms near the Heligoland Bight pointed right at Britain. When they want to flex their muscles they switch them on and send us their nasty foreign weather.

“The mainstream press won’t tell you about it, you have to seek out brave independent media like the Mail Online comments section.”

Roy Hobbs, from Stafford, said: “Nobody I know voted to be stranded on a runway at Heathrow for four hours, but as usual they were ignored by the faceless Eurocrats in Brussels.

“It’s time to take back control of our weather.”

Sheridan added that if Jean-Claude Juncker deliberately thwarted a white Christmas it would be grounds for war.

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Woman hopes post condemning populism gets a lot of likes

A WOMAN hopes her Facebook post about how populism is bad gets loads of likes.

25-year-old Emma Bradford wrote: “Populism is really bad. People like Trump haven’t got any integrity, they just do whatever they think will please the most people. They’ve got no SOUL.”

Bradford, who regularly posts pictures of herself in bikinis or her visually-appealing-yet-healthy meals, said: “Populism is a subject that a lot of people are interested in so, so I’m confident of getting lots of likes.

“Obviously I believe in what I said, but if commenting on such a zeitgeisty topic also raises my profile on social media and makes relative strangers think I am clever, that’s a minor bonus.

“Tackling populism in such a fearless way might even improve my career prospects. Employers like it if you know about things.”

She added: “I’m ready to tackle edgy subjects, as long as I’m entirely certain everyone will agree with me.”