Family holiday offers chance to clean up in exotic new kitchen

PARENTS of two young children have booked a foreign holiday so that they can clean up in an exciting new kitchen.

Although it currently takes them 45 minutes to mobilise for a trip to the supermarket, Tom and Clare Booker have organised a holiday where they will perform all their regular domestic chores but in an Airbnb apartment in Rome.

Tom Booker said: “We don’t see why we should stop travelling just because we’ve gone from being a cultured couple to a four-person whirlwind of faecal matter. It’s been a lifelong dream to visit the Colosseum, or at least to organise a trip there and then cancel it on the day because one of the kids has explosive diarrhoea.”

Clare Booker said: “I can barely imagine the thrill of cleaning dried cereal off a marble kitchen surface in a hot country.

“We’re also excited about watching 15 consecutive episodes of badly-dubbed Peppa Pig.”

Friend Susan Traherne said: “My bet is that they don’t even make it through security at Heathrow before they change their minds.”