I was just putting up a shelf, admits Russian astronaut

AN astronaut on the International Space Station forgot there was just space outside when he drilled a hole for a shelf, he has admitted.

Ivan Bobrov told investigators he caused an air leak while trying to give the Soyuz craft’s interior ‘a bit of sprucing up’, adding that he watched a lot of DIY SOS

He continued: “It’s just really bare and impersonal inside the space station. Nothing grabs your eye so I wanted to add some visual texture. 

“The shelf was going to be for us to put our knick-knacks on, you know, souvenirs of our orbital flight, and I was going to do a watercolour of Lake Baikal for the control room. 

“Unfortunately it’s a supporting wall of the space station so I couldn’t get a nail in, then I had some issues with the drill, then I realised that a shelf wouldn’t work in zero gravity anyway. 

“But I’ve still got six tins of Dulux White Chiffon. Slap that on, few pot plants, sell this old hulk on for a profit.”