Sunday, 16th May 2021

Imagine watching that interview, but the British f**kwit is your prime minister, say Americans

AMERICANS have asked Britons to watch the Morgan-Trump interview again, but this time imagine the British idiot is now leading their country. 

The desperate Americans told Britain they can only understand how dire their situation is if they picture Piers Morgan somehow becoming prime minister.

Joe Turner, a teacher from Chicago, said: “Ignore the orange dickhead for now. Focus on the other one.

“A guy you’ve always despised, who’s been a proven fuck-up for years and has a track record of being a laughing stock and a failure.

“Someone who, for unknown reasons, still has a job and spends most of his time picking bullshit fights on Twitter, and then boom - he's your top guy.

“There might even be enough of you to actually make him the ruler of your country. All of sudden it will happen and you won’t ever really understand how.”

He added: “Imagine the horror of that actually taking place before your very eyes. Then you’ll understand how it is for us. Please. Help.”