Kim Jong-un totally disarmed by cutesy nickname

KIM Jong-un and his North Korean regime have been completely disarmed by his friendly new nickname of ‘Rocket Man’, it has emerged. 

Kim was given the nickname by President Trump, who repeated it in yesterday’s UN speech, and admitted that it has really boosted his self-esteem.

He said: “All my life I’ve felt like just one more Kim.

“Trump may have threatened to totally destroy my country but he also gave me the respect of a cool nickname relating to my favourite hobby of testing intercontinental ballistic missiles, which made me feel warm inside.

“I am Rocket Man now. I’m an individual who’s earned respect from his peers on his own merits, and it feels special.

“I will cover the whole of North Korea in nuclear missiles, aimed at every country in the world, so everybody will remember my new name.

“And of course regular launches. I’m Rocket Man!”