Naomi Campbell ‘Slaughtered Thousands’

SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell was at the head of a brutal war machine that slaughtered thousands, it was claimed last night.

A Hilfiger model surveys the wreckage of the village make-up school

In a dramatic day during her trial at the Hague, the former face of Ralph Lauren Polo Sport was accused of genocide by Frank Sinatra’s ex-wife.

Mrs Sinatra told the court: “I personally saw her set fire to 200 villages. Nelson Mandela and I tried to stop her but she hit us with a mobile phone. I was in Rosemary’s Baby. Everyone said I was very good.”

Sinatra and Campbell’s former agent, Carole White, also claimed the supermodel funded her carnage with so-called ‘blood diamonds’ that she would hand out to dimwitted African politicians in the hope of quick, dirty sex.

White said: “So many times she would come in from a day’s slaughtering, wash the blood off her face and demand to be set up with some airhead dictator she met at a charity event.”

Campbell fronted the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport campaign in the late 1990s but soon used it as a launch pad to declare war on neighbouring brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Prosecutors claim she could be responsible for the deaths of up to 20,000 people from rival magazine spreads.

The trial also heard from Charles Taylor, the Liberian MP and charity activist, who claimed that Campbell tried to bribe him into having sex with her after a fund-raising dinner in South Africa.

Taylor said: “She gave me a bag of little stones and then pointed at her groin and licked her lips.

“I was upset and immediately sent the diamonds to Switzerland for safe keeping along with some unwanted money that I had recently found in the Liberian Treasury.”

He added: “I didn’t want to come here today but the world needs to know that Naomi Campbell is a monster.”