Sunday, 16th May 2021

Population of Luxembourg 'only six times the number of people who voted for Johnson'

CRITICS have hit out at Luxembourg for humiliating our prime minister when its population is only six times the number of people who elected him. 

Boris Johnson’s non-attendance at a press conference saw Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel aim jibes at the absent British leader even though it would take 15 per cent of his country’s pitiful population to match the votes Johnson got in this summer’s contest.

Furious Conservative Wayne Hayes said: “Luxembourg are nothing. They’re tiny. There’s as many people in Leeds as in Luxembourg, and there’s only three times as many of them as there are Tory members.

“They’d be wise to show some respect for our prime minister. He enjoys the proven support of 0.14 per cent of our population, possibly even twice that.

“What does Luxembourg contribute to the EU? They’re just a tiny tax haven that bends over backwards for multinational companies to keep a pittance of their profits, like we’re going to.

“They think they’re big and strong because they’ve got all those other countries backing them up. Well, we’ll see how big and strong they are when they’re still in the EU and we’re out on our own.”

He added: “I would add something racist about Luxembourgers but I don’t know enough about them.”