Scantily-clad gay Putin fans stage car wash

MUSCULAR homosexual Russian men have been giving free titillating car washes in support of their beloved Vladimir Putin.

Work that pony

The handsome, hairy gay men who called themselves Putin’s Bear Army showed their support for Russia’s prime minister by donning tight denim cut-offs and getting soapy at the event in downtown Moscow.

Self-styled ‘Putin bear’ Oleg Komarov said: “Putin is a strong and powerful leader with excellent economic policies. He is also insanely hot and droolsome.

“I love it when he takes his shirt off and plays with guns. Of course a gun is just a metal penis, all gays know this.

“One time I saw a bead of sweat drip from his left nipple as he climbed a cliff face. I said ‘hubba hubba’ under my breath without even thinking about it.

“Vladimir Putin truly inspires me to go out and have anal sex with men.”

Homosexual Leo Pushkin was one of the pro-Putin car washers whose tight white vest became totally soaked through during a playful hosepipe fight with two other males, revealing the contours of his muscular torso and double nipple piercings.

He said: “My favourite Putin fantasy is where my motorbike has broken down on the side of the road, he pulls up in a big Russian jeep and says that he has the right tool to get me started up.

“Then we fuck in a bush. Afterwards we lie together looking at the stars, the sweat cooling on our bodies.”

He added: “This isn’t some contrived, tackily exploitative publicity stunt. We gays really love Putin, he is the number one bear-wrestler.

“As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t vote Putin you have no right to call yourself a homosexual.”

Putin’s Bear Army have promised that if their idol wins the forthcoming election they will rip off their clothes in public and kiss each other on every inch of their naked, oiled bodies.