This Russia thing completely separate from other Russia thing, says White House

THE White House has clarified that the new scandal about Russia is completely unconnected with its previous, different, Russian scandal. 

Spokesman Sean Spicer have warned reporters against linking Trump’s supplying of classified information to Russia with Russia’s interference in the US election, stating the two ‘could not be less alike’. 

He continued: “Honestly, these two Russia scandals are essentially opposites – one is disinformation coming in, the other is valuable information going out. That they are getting lumped together is a sad commentary on American journalism today. 

“Not only is it lazy, it betrays a lack of trust. You don’t think this administration can handle two scandals concurrently? 

“From now on they’re named Russiagate Alpha and Russiagate One.

“See? Not even the same naming system. That’s how different they are.”