Trump converts to Islam

DONALD Trump has confirmed that he is a now a Muslim.

The U.S. president publicly declared his new faith following his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Trump said: “I only came here for an arms deal, but I had a moment when I touched this glowing ball thing that looks like an 80s special effect.

“Being a Muslim is great, very spiritual.

“I can’t wait to get stuck into the prayers. I’ve already done two today, and they were the best prayers ever. And there’s three more to go!”

As part of his plans to institute Islam as the official religion of the United States, Trump will require all laws passed in Congress to conform with what he calls ‘Sahara law’, and is to replace the stars on the American flag with crescent moons.

Trump is expected to remain a Muslim until Friday, when he is due to meet with the Dalai Lama.