Friday, 7th May 2021

Trump ran property empire cash-in-hand, reckons plumber

A PLUMBER believes Donald Trump got away with paying no tax because he ran his multi-million property empire on a cash-in-hand basis. 

Jack Browne of Wolverhampton confirmed he is ‘pretty savvy’ at tax avoidance himself, and knows all the tricks the president uses ‘if not a few more’.

He continued: “The key is that cash is king. When he’s renting Trump Tower to Nike, he’ll probably say ‘Sorry, my bank doesn’t take checks, do you mind you nipping out the cashpoint? I can wait in the van.’

“Or he’ll have told NBC when he’s doing The Apprentice ‘Can you believe it, I’ve forgotten my account number again’ or ‘I’m just between accounts.’ Or maybe even offered a discount if they keep it off the books.

“Another thing he might have done is quote a job – in his case building a 263-room luxury hotel, in mine fitting a new septic tank – higher than it should be, then use the extra to buy kit for another job.

“And claim everything’s for business, like he does with his Mar-a-Lago resort and estate and I do with my 2004 Citroen Berlingo, and you’re basically getting all the personal use for free.”

Browne added: “Mind you, there’s no way he’d make it as a plumber. Too thick by far.”