Trump revealed nuclear code is UR-FIRED

PRESIDENT Trump has revealed that the launch code to America’s nuclear arsenal is also his television catchphrase.

The President disclosed the details during a closed-door meeting with Russia’s Sergey Lavrov, in which he allowed the minister to have a rummage through the nuclear briefcase.

Trump said: “I said to him, ‘This is the code. ‘UR-FIRED’. It’s based on a show I did, but I don’t think he understood that.

“They don’t show The Apprentice in Russia since ratings dipped. Their loss.

“However I came up with the idea of shortening ‘You’re’ to ‘UR’. I guess it just came to me.

“I told him, this is the code, and I’m the only person who knows it because I’m president. How about that?”

He added: “In the show I say that when I am firing people, but ‘firing’ is also what you do with missiles. Double meaning.

“My friend Vladimir likes jokes like that. When he finds something funny he laughs and it sounds like dead leaves rustling in a sack.”