Trump threatens Iran and promotes Budweiser in single tweet

DONALD Trump has used his Twitter account to threaten a nuclear first strike on Iran and to promote the rich, smooth taste of Bud Ice. 

A 3.20am tweet from the president-elect read: “New Iran deal under Trump is drop ‘Islamic’ government or nuclear weapons targeted on Tehran! 5.5% ABV Bud Ice is cool and refreshing!”

Political analyst Joseph Turner said: “The threat of a nuclear first strike is an unprecedented seismic shock to international relations, leaving the world teetering on the brink.

“The recommendation of Bud Ice beer is also unprecedented, but in a much more tawdry and vulgar way.

“Either way, whether you once had respect for the office of the presidency or merely do not want to die, these next four years will be tough.”

Trump’s next public appearance is scheduled for Sunday, when he will announce import tariffs that will destabilise the global economy while selling ties on the Home Shopping Network.