UK Debt Relief Appeal concert set for 2022

AN ALL-STAR concert to help poverty-stricken Britain has been scheduled for Brazil in 2022. 

Following news that the UK’s debt burden is set to hit £2 trillion just as key industries abandon the country, stars from across Latin America and Africa are preparing to unite to call for help.

Shakira, who is organising the concert after seeing heartbreaking footage of bewildered Britons unable to understand why their Toblerones were so small, said: “It’s about time we gave something back.

“Britain is being loaded with debt the banks know it can never afford to pay – even paying the interest will be beyond reach – and faces a future of either hopeless socialists or right-wing dictators.

“We can help the UK by raising awareness of their plight with a big fancy concert where we’ll all have a great time while asking the banks to forgive them.

“Not giving money, obviously. It’d just be throwing it into a bottomless pit.”

The event will take place three months after China’s Free Corbyn concert, aimed at securing the release of the long-standing political prisoner from exile on the Sandwich islands.